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Nov 10, 2013 9:40pm EST
, we show up. we show up everywhere. we don't show up just in the places that votes for us a lot, we show in the places that vote for us a little. we don't just show up in the places where we're comfortable, we show up in the places where we're uncomfortable. because when you lead you need to be there. you need to show up. you need to listen and then you need to act. you don't just show up six months before an election. you show up four years before one. [applause] and you don't just take no for an answer the first time no happens. you keep going back and trying more because when i was elected four years ago, i wasn't elected just by the people who voted for me. i was the governor of all the people. and tonight, overwhelmingly, those people have said, come onboard, it's fine here, let's have more people support the governor and now we have a big, big win tonight. [applause] what people have told me over the last four years is more than anything else, they want the truth. they want the truth. you know, we don't always agree with each other, new jersey. some folks don't agree with some
Nov 10, 2013 7:10pm EST
ahead. if that is what we should be focused on. host: does that play in 2014? guest: i don't think so. everyone knows barack obama is a good speaker. i don't think he will wow us with his rhetoric anymore. that republicans are poised to win a of seats in the midterms. i don't know if it will be enough to take back the senate, but it might be. it has nothing to do with the rhetoric, at least not currently. with action and obamacare. i think it is entirely possible -- i was talking to an insurance insider on friday. nobody in the industry believes that the obamacare exchanges will be fixed by november 30, which was the fallback promise. aside from the other promise that you could keep your insurance. i think it is possible you will who, ifocrats -- november 30 comes and goes and the obamacare website is not fixed, they will begin having to assess their political survival. they are either going to jump up turnjump off the ship and on this health care law or they will probably go down. i think it is very likely that republicans will have a good 2014. if that happens, nothing succeeds like
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2